LEGO: Brickvention 2011

Two weeks ago, Kian and I headed down to the City for a LEGO affair, Brickvention.
We arrived around noon, and I thought to myself, how many LEGO fans you can possibly get?
The answer is: A LOT!
The queue was as long as the Great Wall of China and I wasn’t joking. The entrance of Melbourne Town Hall faces Swanston Street. LEGO fans were lining up around the building from Collins Street, Russell Street, (keep going, keep going), and all the way to Little Bourke Street!

We were told by the organisers that we might need to stay in the line for at least 1.5 hours before we were able to go in. I was very excited about the bricks. I thought, it was beautiful day to stay in the line anyway, why not get a good dose of cholecalciferol while at it? :)

Thumbs up for my determination -  I didn’t even get distracted and turn away to shop at Collins Street.
Having said that, LEGO has more class than LV and Gucci at any time, my friends :)

Brickvention organisers had been very thoughtful and caring. They had been going around offering water and sunscreen to everyone. Thanks guys!

I had fun lining up and having conversation with those people around me. The elderly lady told us, how her son was building LEGO, and her grandson is doing the same thing. Those mums at the front were informing us how LEGO brings lotsa fun in their household.

I remember sharing LEGO with my brother when I was little; I never really own one and build a massive one. I didn’t have my own place to keep my bricks (They aint cheap!) Deep down, I told myself, whenever I own my place, I will start building LEGO again. and I did :)

After approximately 2 hours in line, we were finally arrived! Woohoo! Overheard some kids were saying this: Mum, I have the energy to line up, I don’t think I have theenergy to walk when I get in.

How cute :)

There were people everywhere. Literally, everywhere.

As we walked in, this castle caught my attention. For Harry Potter’s fans:

Of course, the highlight of the day was The Love Boat. (more from The Age)

It was built by Ryan McNaught with a quarter of million of bricks. Did you hear that? A.QUATER.OF.MILLION.

Mr McNaught introduced himself when we were there. His determination, passion is very inspiring. I was absolutely amazed - the feeling was like, a baby geek meeting a ‘Jedi’ geek. He is a true master.

I was disappointed the fact that I didn’t get to spot David Hassellhoff. Rumour had it he was somewhere, and I just couldn’t find it. Argh!!! I got pushed away and nearly ended up in tears. Bloody hell. I wasn’t done yet!

p/s: Thanks Ryan, I have to say this again, The Love Boat is freakkn’ amazing and I love it!

There were many other interesting LEGO models at Brickvention. Note to future self, must rock up early next year to spend more time at event venue.

For Star Wars’ fans! Hey look! It’s the Death Star yo~!

Death Star is made from ~3000 pieces of bricks. It features most of the great details seen in the movie. Erm, this is something I have been consider for my next project *hint hint* My birthday is coming up! :P

Another exciting stop was: MINIFIGS!!

I nearly wanted to faint when I saw the minifigs! I was in love!
Well, I didn’t mean to spend so much on minifigs, but I thought, for ALL the effort lining up to get in here, I would regret it if I didn’t spend some moolah.

The event had more visitors than the organisers had expected. Overall, it was still a great fun! It was LEGO after all.

See you all next year! :)

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